Revero is entering its seventh year of delivering quality web services to the Government and corporate sectors. We focus on ensuring websites and web applications are highly usable and meaningful to the people who use them. We work with our customers to:

  • test the usability and accessibility of your web solutions with site audiences
  • create user-friendly web interfaces, screen layouts, menus and navigation systems
  • document requirements and specifications
  • devise web and information management strategies
  • write plain English web content
  • ensure web solutions deliver on the needs of audiences and stakeholders.

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Alice Hearnshaw
021 772 700

PO Box 19244
Courtenay Place


What we do: Web consulting for corporate and government clients

Navigation, information architecture, user interfaces and content

Site and content navigation: We design user-friendly menus and screen layouts to make navigating through your site easy for your target audiences - whether it's for your website, intranet, or web application.

Usability testing: We conduct usability testing at strategic points in a project lifecycle to ensure target audiences can navigate with ease, and that both functionality and content are user-friendly.

User interface design: We design user interfaces for your web applications which make using online services and workflows easy for your customers and staff.

Online form design: We design online forms that are simple to complete and capture all the required information.

Accessibility analysis: We review and report on the compliance of your web solution with industry-standard accessibility guidelines, including the e-Government Guidelines.

Content writing: We work with your subject matter experts to write plain English, online business content for business websites and intranets. We can also assist you with reworking print documents for the online context.

Meta data: We design meta data models and capture meta data to improve the searchability of your web content.

Online documentation and business process modelling: We document and publish your business processes and procedures online. We also write online help and print documentation to support application use.

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Web strategies, specification definition and analysis

Web strategies: We partner with your stakeholders to determine how the Web and your web solution can best serve your organisation and customers, and deliver on your business strategic objectives.

Information strategies: We partner with your stakeholders to determine what information your various audiences need and when, and how the Web can assist with distributing information to them.

Business case development: We assist you with preparing a business case for your proposed web strategy and solution so you secure stakeholder support and funds.

Requirements analysis and specification writing: We work with your business representatives to define precisely what your web solution must do. Our service includes preparing testable and traceable requirements and functional design specifications which are understood by business signatories and IT professionals alike.

Preparing tender documents: We prepare quality EOI / RFI / RFP tender documentation in an independent capacity, enabling you to find the best and most suitable vendor(s) in a diverse and complex IT market.

Product analysis, selection and research: We critically assess and compare, in an independent capacity, the best web products on the market that deliver on your business requirements.

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e-Government compliance

e-Government compliance health check: If your Government agency has a website, we can perform an e-Government health check and recommend practical ways you can make your site compliant.

e-Government practical knowledge: Need to make your site compliant? We can help you implement the guidelines into practice.

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